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Tour of Booty videos shows exactly what a motivated soldier and his camera can do and that is to create some of the craziest real porn movies you will ever see. Come join us as we tour booties all across the middle east and find the hottest women in the fucking world willing to fuck on camera to make internet history.

Operation Roundup!

- Dec 25, 2018

I’M A FUCKING GENIUS!! Everyone likes to pretend that they don’t remember who’s idea it was. IT WAS MINE BOIIIII!!!! Im taking the credit that I damn well deserve!! Anyhow, I came up with the AMAZING plan to put up flyers asking for chicks in want so extra cash and a good time. As I expected, we did get a couple of takers. Well…. most of them were a little pass their prime. However, two of them were as gorgeous as they come. We took these lovely ladies back to the barracks and gave them the time of their lives. IT WAS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. All of us who were there that night may not be together anymore, but this night was infinite. Till this day who can forget the midnight run.

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On the hunt!

- Jan 24, 2018

Here is a little clip from one of my early vids. I was to scared to pull out my camera. But all you guys miss is me looking stupid trying to talk to this beautiful chick. She worked in out mess hall and I had been checking out her fat tits all month before I built up the nerve to talk to her. The lesson here is dont be a pussy, if you like the tits just talk to the chick and she will give them to ya.

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Local Working Girl

- Nov 29, 2017

FRANKLIN IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM THE HEAVENS TO GUIDE US TO SOME MOTHERFUCKING PUSSY!! He got the word on this girl, who services Americans, and hooked us up with her location. There are a few whorehouses here in the shit, but this girl decided to go solo. That’s right, she works from her own apartment. I mean, you have to be a little crazy to go there (like us.) She does not live in a very inviting area. It was definitely a mission to get there and find her place. Outside of the camp and nearby areas, its a whole different world. We decided to take our chances, and boy did it pay off. THIS CHICK IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Walker and the HumV got us there in one piece. Then, the search for her apartment came. It took some time but we eventually did get to our juicy reward. Just show her the money and she’s in 100%. She knew what to do as well as what we were there to do. I wouldn’t doubt it if we pay her a visit in the near future. MAYBE NEXT TIME RABBIT CAN POP HIS CHERRY.

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Operation Pussy Run!

- Sep 28, 2017

There’s nothing like going to the market and picking up some pussy!! Our sentry lookout spotted some possible working girls at a near by market. So, we gathered the troops and sent them out. Smitty, Rabbit and Aamir were assigned to this pussy extraction mission. Soon after they arrived, Rabbit almost fucks it up instantly. We should of known better, cause fucking up is what he’s best at. Anyhow, Smitty had a good amount of money, and Aamir had his sweet talking skills.( HAVE I MENTIONED THAT Aamir IS A SMOOTH PIMP WHO LOVES THE PUSSY? MOTHERFUCKER IS THE TRUE PIMP FROM THE MIDDLE EAST!!) We were able to score a sweet sweet prize. These beautiful desert flowers came back to the barracks for a good time. Shit, we even let Rabbit get in on the action. MOTHERFUCKER POPPED HIS CHERRY!!! It was a night of debauchery that these lovely girls won’t soon forget. I wouldn’t doubt it if these party girls call us back for round two. I believe this was also the night that our boy Smitty found true love. He clung to one of these girls like it was a honey bun. SMITTY WAS SMITTEN!!! Not for long of course, cause only a few days later Aamir came through with more girls!! HAHAHA!! But that one’s for another day boys.

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Aamir's Delivery

- Sep 14, 2017

AAMIR IS THE MAN!!! In my time here in the shit, he’s been reliable and completely loyal to us. Aamir knows where the most beautiful working girls are, he finds nothing but top quality pussy. He’s the is one of the many things that I’ll miss from this fucking place. He delivered us an amazing local working chick who wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty with some good ‘ol American boys. Rabbit cleared an abandoned building 20 miles from camp. Here, we gave this girl both, her monetary reward, and her cock reward and SHE LOVED BOTH!!

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It’s always a mission finding quality pussy out here in the shit. But trust me, it’s worth it, specially when we’re getting top of the line local pussy like this one. We had to travel to pretty much the middle of no where, to meet up with our new local informant AKA pussy supplier. On the way to the meet up, Brooklyn spotted a goat tied to a fucking tree. So being the brainiac he is, he had the great idea of taking it to our pussy supplier as some sort of trade. A move that came back to bite us in the ass being that he didn’t want the fucking goat. Can you believe that? I thought these guys loved goats!!!! Anyways, this girl was smoking ho, and exsited to party. We took this beautiful desert flower back to our base for a good fucking. Her pussy was tight and dripping wet, she fell in love with that good ol’ american dicking. Afterwards we decided to gift her Elmo The Goat... I miss that little guy :(

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Sneaking in the Base!!!

- Aug 17, 2017

BEST FUCKING BIRTHDAY EVER!!!! I can’t believe these fuckers pulled it off. Sneaking girls into camp is no easy task. FUCKING MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS!!!! First they scared the shit out of me by kidnapping my ass in the middle of the night. They weren’t gentle with me either, fuckers gave me a beating. I don’t know if it was filmed, but walker accidentally tased my ass. But who cares? Cause that shit paid off in the end. Two gorgeous girls just for me. What more can a single Merican boy ask for? The moment I saw these girls I knew my main man Aamir had something to do with getting them. Boy, These girls are the best!! Don’t know how he does it but he finds the most exotic, sexually charged girls. On top of the girls these jerks found me a HONEY BUN!!!!! Don’t know how they got a hold of it, but man if I didn’t enjoy it. FINISHED OFF THE NIGHT BY LETTING THE GIRLS TRY A SWEET HONEY BUN EXTRA GLAZED WITH MY CUM!!! This is a birthday I won’t ever forget, being in the shit has its perks.

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