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CAMP-SMASH-ALOT, OUR PARADISE!!! This is our little home away from away from home. When we have free time and the barracks aren’t available this is where we head to. Our very own secluded camp, where we get to do what ever the fuck we want. This is our place of freedom here in the shit. Perfectly equipped with all the essentials, a magic carpet (mattress), a beautiful kitchen (shitty fire pit), and most importantly, the most beautiful local girls who are down to party. Walker did us proud and scored 3 amazingly hot local girls who were more than happy come and party. We’re not the only ones that need to get away from all the BS going on sometimes. One of the girls had enjoyed our company prior. I guess she had a good time, cause she came back. Fuck, she had an even better time this time around (like polishing 4 dicks at once better.) These chicks arrived horny and ready to party. We didn’t shy away, LOADS OF RED WHITE AND BLUE were in order for every single one of these foreign beauties.

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WHOREHOUSE TIME!!!! Thats right!! Believe it or not, whorehouses do exist here in the shit. They’re not easy to come by, but our boy Haze got the word on one close enough to camp for us to pay them a visit. Haze and Aamir set up our arrival with the house mom. We didn’t want to rub shoulders with the locals, so they closed the house just for us!!!! THAT’S RIGHT BABY VIP!!!! The house pimp allowed us to film inside for just a little extra cash. We worked a sweet deal son!!! This is where our dollars come a long way, cause we didn’t even break the fucking bank!!! We felt like kings. These crazy party girls showed us how freaky girls out here can be, and we gave them a little taste of the good ‘ol red white and blue. Man, this house don’t play, they have some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen in my life. They say that its dry out here in the desert, but man in the few months i’ve been here, my dick’s been wetter than ever.

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Pipe Dreams!

- Jul 6, 2017

I'm over here at the headquarters making sure the place gets cleaned up just the way it's suppose to be. As I'm watching her clean, my dick's getting hard. I'm curious to know what she looks like underneath all of that clothes. She took of part of her head pice and what do you know? This babe is gorgeous! These middle eastern women are beautiful. After seeing what her face look like, I wanted to see what else is she hiding. I'm not going to ruin it for you guys. Come and find out for yourself. Over and out!

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Desert Pussy

- Jun 22, 2017

We're out on the prowl and came across a pretty woman carrying her produce in a basket. Man, was she sexy! It was sunny out here and all I could think of is how hot she must be. It was time to take her of that heat and bring her back to headquarters. I got her to take off her clothes to cool down. That body on her was amazing. She's never been with a white dude before. Especially one with big dick. She could barely keep her eyes of of it. So I let her have it. Fucked her real hard and sent her on the way.

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